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First of all, I would like to welcome you on my page, which is dedicated to my writing.


At the beginning, I wasn’t sure in which language I should be doing my website. My first language is Czech, and in this language are written all my books and work. However, for a couple last years, I live mostly in England, where I’m also studying Univeristy. Therefore, I’ve got friends who wouldn’t understand, what I am saying, unlike my friends from the Czech Republic, who more or less understood English. And I suppose, this first post will be read by my friends, as no one else will know about me yet. Hopefully, it will someday change. With that, I would also like to ask you, for a kinder judging the grammar of my posts. As I said, English is not my native language, so it’s difficult for me. I’m going to try my best. Moreover, the more time I spend in this country, the more I long to translate my books into English.

Why do I want to achieve this?

I have several reasons for this wish. Firstly, as I said, I have friends, whose doesn’t understand my language, and I would like to show them my work. But not only with my friends, also with any other human being, who would be interested in what I am doing. I’ve become a writer because I love to share stories that created my imagination. If it would be otherwise, there would be no need to write them down. This fact leads me to my second point, English is the world language, which means, I would give me an opportunity to spread my books amongst a larger number of people.  And mostly, because both my writing and life in England is a big part of who I am, and therefore, not be able to link these two things together, makes me feel incomplete.

In the future…

However, the translation of my books, is not as simple, as it may seem. Although I live and study in the UK, my English is not at a level to easily and without errors translate from Czech to English. With the Czech language, I can play as I wish, it is beautiful and rich language. In English, It is not still natural, and I struggle. Plus with all of my work for school difficult to find enough time for something so demanding on time, despite the fact that life in England is very expensive and I have to find a job. Yet despite all these obstacles, I’m nearly done with the translation of my first piece of work Odi et Amo, which is a short story about a werewolf girl. Unfortunately,  the more important book Till Do Death Do Us Apart, is still waiting for translation. My plan, for now, is to create a page on Patreon, where people can support my idea if they wish. So I can pay for the translation… but this project is not ready yet.

why this website then?

I might not be able to share my complete work with you yet, but, at least I can share my thoughts and ideas… one could say this might be something like a diary of a writer… To someone, my work, study and life may seem boring, but I believe, there will be also people, who could be possibly interested in it… and to this people, I would  like to send heartfelt thanks…. I will try my best to keep going and do what I love. Because if something is created with love, then it brings light and I hope this light will touch the people back, and brings them nothing less than joy…

Thank you all for reading this,
with love
Lily Alice

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  1. Hello Lily, thank you for nice introductory post. I am looking forward to read your books in English. Wish you all the best and let us know, when your Patreon page is launched. I gladly become your Patron.

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