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Welcome back…

or simply welcome if you came across this website for the first time! 

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your time and attention you’ve decided to dedicate to my blog.

When I was writing my first post, my vision for its content was evident. It had to be an introduction to my websites, to me and my work. However, after I published the first post, I was left with a question on my mind. What am I going to write next?

The importance of criticism

When I was finally satisfied enough with this website, the first thing I did was, that I sent the link to my closest friends. Of course, I wanted to know their opinion, as every criticism, though either good or bad, is beneficial. I’ve mostly received good feedback. Nonetheless, one of my dearest friends gave me a genuinely sound advice, with these words: ‘ I like it. It’s simple and just, however, when you are describing that you created your world. You should say what is the world like, so people know what to expect.’ And I have to admit he’s got the point. It also gave me the idea, what to post next. I’m going to continue in the introduction of my work. Though, this time, I will try to be more specific.

The world of…

As you undoubtedly know by now, my primary focus is on fantasy literature. References to the content of my books are possible to found on this websites. From the very begging, I knew I have to write something, where my imagination could develop without any restriction. As much I enjoy studying history and I’m fond of historical novels, this is not the direction for my fictional writing. At least not in the present time. Rather than history, I found myself exploring the world of magic, although magic is not the correct expression for which I’m looking for, nonetheless, it will have to do.  My characters are mostly supernatural beings, and they allow me to go beyond rational boundaries of a human world. I started more serious writing (and by more serious I mean, actually,  finished something) with werewolves.  I enjoyed it, but it still didn’t felt like the right thing, at least not for me. In my next book, I came up with beings, which to some extent, could be said, of my creation, the Guardians of the elements. Although it could be argued, that this is not a new thing in fantasy literature at all, and I would agree with this statement, still I think I made then bit different. And this is one of the reasons why I like fantasy literature. No one can tell you if this wrong or right because no one has a proof what these magical creatures truly are. It gives the author endless possibilities-

In defense of fantasy

Despite the fact, that fantasy literature is quite popular among the young people in the last couple of years; It is widely considered as a trash literature. It is difficult, to get to people take you seriously if you say that you are writing fantasy. Why is that? I remember, when I was in my first grade at High school, and my brilliant literature professor kept saying: How demanding is, for example, the Russian literature and what trash is the fantasy what is nowadays so oftean read. Well, I do understand to his argument. Russian literature is divine! It is a pleasure as well as a challenge. But hardly anyone can be Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy. People doesn’t have to be rational to write well thought and quality story. Just because fantasy is full of supernatural things, which people can’t substantiate by facts, science or experience, doesn’t mean it has to be necessary all nonsense. Fantasy in itself often hides lessons and deeper meaning. I’m not saying that it goes for every single book, but I wouldn’t underestimate fantasy literature because there is magic. Moreover, we live in a time that is full of technology and artificial things, that in my opinion, we need more spirituality in our lives. To go back, to our roots. Find our connection with our Mother Earth, and perhaps, this is what I am trying to do with my stories. Trough my guardians I’m trying to create the world where are nature and spirituality matters.

few last words…

I will end with this thought, I hope you will not judge me too harshly for what I posted today! I think I got a little carried away. However, I am thankful for your attention and if there is  something is on my website what intrigued you and wanted to share it I will be eternally grateful!

With love

Lily Alice

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